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How to create a Smart Ad

Nungarin Business Advertising

How to publish Local and National Business Ads through the Australian Community Network?

List your Business!


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How to List your Business in the Australan Regional Network
Though your Ads will adjust for your viewers mobile well, creating Nungarin Business Smart Ads works easiest on a wider screen. Do use your business desktop or tablet PC to make Ads, Events or Articles.. You may not see the full features with a tiny phone

The ARN User Levels for Advertisers are
  • Local Resident
  • Community Leader
  • Local Business
  • National Business

What Are Smart Ads?
These are flexible mini web pages, which can include Contact Details, Content, Video, Links and Maps

Your Smart Ads have a Static URL, So you can promote your own Ads with a Tweet or Facebook like and over 300 Social Media Backlinking services that are built right into your Ad, in fact this is so cool that your Smart Ad visitors may do this for you. examples

Local Business?
Subscription $50 per year with the first month free gives you up to 5 Smart Ads that you can place or update in any commercial directory on any web site in the network (within the network rules) your account simultaneously logs you into ALL 1000+ websites

National Business?
Subscribers can publish to the exclusive State or Country Keys, the cost ($100pm or $1000pa) that gives you broadcast power Smart Ads at rates under $1 per website per year

Community Advertising?
To unlock Full Service Smart Ads within the Community Categorys for promoting your Group or Cause
Community Leaders can establish an account in 2 ways
$2 per month or $12 per year "Gold Coin" Subscription or 100% Free full service (Community Level) advertising through Sponsorship under the wing of an active Business users Account (Visit Sponsorship pages for Details)

Free Accounts?
To publish community Articles with your Photos and Videos e.g Lost Pets, join as a Local Resident
simply Create an Account

Directory Categories

Alternative Health
Eco Green
Food and Wine
Galleries and Museums
Hair and Beauty
Health and Fitness
Mind Body Spirit
Retail and Shopping
Schools and Education
Trades and Services
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Are you creating Ads on the right Community Portal?

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Is your Nungarin Business or Community Group listed with your Local Web Directory? The stars are the websites and they are all at your service. Find your Australian Town or City and Login to Create Ads, Events and Articles

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